Banking & Financial

Banking & financial institutions need for ultimate cyber security is critical for the survival of their businesses. This is why Network Box provides them with what they need and ensure that IT security is up-to-the-minute

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Government work requires significant security and privacy. Data protection has always been a priority to Government organization. Network Box solutions and valuable services are the right answer

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In order to keep the educational processes going in the right direction, security of the data and services provided by Educational institutions is the key in this process. Our products and services satisfy this need

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Small and Medium Enterprises

The recent cyber-attacks on different size organizations demonstrate the actual need for protection for SMEs. Network Box is considerate to this and answered with the following

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Banking & Financial


Pre-emptive security for a rainy day

Data security is something which can’t be taken for granted, especially when that data is quite literally money in the bank. But high costs and complicated premium solutions make protection difficult.




Security in a class of its own

Who enters and who leaves is a security concern at many academic institutions for both offline and online. They must protect their students. Providing safe access to the Internet and keeping everything logged is vital.




Business continuity is paramount

Large scale operations require dedicated load-balancing and redundancy, particularly for corporate communications traffic. Security, compliance, business continuity, logging and reporting are all critical.


Property administer your network

Stringent government requirements and limited resources provide little room for error. This means government organisations and agencies need top performance from security policies and systems.



Delivering real-time security

Around-the-clock attention to detail and specialist knowledge drive logistics. The management of supply chains demands logic accuracy and on-time delivery.



Controlled multi-layered security

Protecting business-critical communications is vital for manufacturers. One leaked design could mean jeopardising trust which took many years to build. Keeping data safe, both on the network and as it travels across the Internet, has become a prerequisite for doing business.

Travel & Hospitality


Uncompromising 5-star security

Data safety, data protection and business continuity are top priorities for hotels, their staff and their guests. World-class services require uncompromising quality; the network security used must meet the same exacting standards.