Partnership Program

Partnership program purpose:

In a fast-changing industry, with changing customer needs, and sophisticated environment, the need for business partnership becomes critical for the success of any business. To satisfy customer needs, and face the business environment challenges, Network Box MEA & Turkey partnership program is designed to:

Guide the partnering process with Network Box MEA & Turkey for the distribution of network security products, providing infrastructure, configuring, implementing, and/or providing additional enhancements.

Help your business grow

and Mutually benefiting all stakeholders partner, customers, and society.

Network Box MEA & Turkey is interested in partnering with businesses that are willing and capable to help in its business operations. An important factor for the success of the partnership is to work under common values and provide common resources, knowledge… to ensure the best performance!

Partnership Strategy:

Network Box MEA & Turkey categorizes its partners into types. These types defer due to the kind of service provided to customers. Benefits and commitments vary among partner types.

Partner Types:

  • Value Added Reseller Partner: Firms that provide additional enhancements, products, or services combined with Network Box …
  • Consulting & Solutions Provider - Sector Specialist: Consulting Firm specialist in a specific Sector such as Banking, Educational, and Government Sector.
  • Managed Security Services Provider: This type is a strategic partner. The main benefit of MSSP is that it increases the efficiency of security devices and minimizes the risk of threats. It is available through a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Distributor: Firms with national and regional coverage via a VAR sales segment – these resellers may be certified in NetworkBox competencies and offer customers the full range of NetworkBox services and products to SME businesses.


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