Unified Threat Management (UTM+) is Firewall, IDP, VPN, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam and Content Filtering Technologies, joining forces against both known and unknown threats.




Network Box's WAF-Scan is a next generation Anti-Distributed Denial of Service Web Application Firewall Plus system. This managed security appliance (or alternatively virtual / cloud based device) is highly customizable, and can apply a strict set of pre-configured rules to an HTTP / HTTPS conversation, in order to protect web facing servers against attack. It combines Anti-DDoS Mitigation, Web Application Protection, and IPv4 to IPv6 / IPv6 to IPv4 Cross-Protocol Bridging into one state-of-the-art system.

Product Series

S-Series M-Series E-Series
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S-M-E Hardware

A full range of Network Box models is available to support diverse performance and environmental requirements. These models are designated S for Small, M for Medium or E for Enterprise and are designed to suit the typical workloads encountered in each organizational type.

The security software running, services available, and protection afforded by all models however, are identical. The differences between models are purely hardware features and performance.